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    A small reading group for children, designed to help them develop a lifelong love for reading, and an opportunity to participate in social reading.

    Fall Book Clubs begin August 22nd at The Prep of South Tampa


  • What We Do

    Little South Tampa Book Club offers small group book clubs for children, designed to help them develop a lifelong love for reading, and an opportunity to participate in social reading. Children will meet weekly to engage in an interactive read-aloud, work on reading comprehension skills, and enjoy fun reading-related activities. This is a great opportunity for your child to become confident participating in small group academic settings, connect with other children while sharing and exploring ideas, perspectives, and connections to books, and make friends!

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  • About Us

    Tell Me More...

    Our book clubs meet weekly at The Prep in South Tampa. Each book club costs $35 per week and are one hour long. Book clubs are led by Mary DeBevoise Carlson. Learn more about me, below!

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    Meet Mary Carlson

    Mary Carlson, founder of Little South Tampa Book Club, is a current South Tampa Microschool teacher and a tutor. The idea for Little South Tampa Book club came to be in 2021 through Mrs. Carlson's love for small group reading, and the desire to see children thrive by participating in social reading. A few months later, Little South Tampa Book Club was born!



    "When we signed up for Little South Tampa Book Club we honestly were not sure what to expect. Our kiddo has loved every single second. Ms. Mary has fortified his love of reading while also challenging his comprehension and story retelling. We are so thankful he sees such value in an academic extra-curricular and sees reading as a treat because of Ms. Mary!" - Parent of 7-year-old child


    "If you are looking for a fun, nurturing environment that will inspire a lasting love of reading in your child, then Little South Tampa Book Club is exactly what you need! Ms. Mary does an incredible job engaging the kids in the books, while teaching them how to create meaningful connections to the stories. The lessons and activities help develop their social-emotional skills and encourage critical thinking and reading comprehension. I’ve found my 6-year-old has been able to talk about the books she’s read in ways she never has before, and she is more confident in her reading abilities. It makes my heart happy to see her excited to pick up books and read! I credit Ms. Mary and her fantastic program for fostering this growth and love of reading." - Parent of a 6-year-old child

  • Contact Us

    Please email, text, or call me with questions!

    4002 S Coolidge Ave, Tampa, FL 33611